SJC Class Bursaries

SJC Class Bursaries

Your Joeys Legacy

“You’ll never walk alone.” This sentiment was echoed at the Class of 2019 Graduation Assembly, when Drew Sellers, on behalf of his fellow Year 12 students, launched the Class of 2019 Harrison Riedel Memorial Bursary to honour their classmate Harrison and also allow another boy the opportunity to be a Joeys boy in the Marist tradition.
Every year, each graduating class at Joeys funds a legacy gift to the College. Setting up a class bursary forges a connection unique to their year group. Over time, this bursary is something the year group and their families can contribute to as and when they can. SJC Foundation has bursaries set up for the class groups of 1967, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and now, 2019.
As the Bursary Committee of the Class of 1967 have said, “it gives us a sense of purpose and a great feeling that we are impacting the lives of boys in a meaningful way”. The Class of 1967 bursary has provided fee support for over four students at the College and has, to date, raised over $240,000 from 43 classmates from the Class of 1967.
In 2015, the Kurtis Young Memorial Bursary was launched in honour of student Kurtis Young who passed away on the 16 March 2013, while in Year 10 at the College. The bursary has raised nearly $12,000 since 2015. Many of the donors, including classmates, their parents and Joeys staff, give a small amount each week or month.
SJC Foundation recognises and gratefully acknowledges those who have generously supported the College in many different ways. We are seeking your support and ask you to consider making a contribution to lay the foundations for this legacy. Whatever you can contribute now or later, large or small, will be gratefully received. Our intergenerational responsibility as well our Marist family tradition are things we all value and share. Class bursaries are an enduring gift that will enable more boys and their families to be members of the Joeys community.
All donations to a class bursary will be processed through SJC Scholarship Fund and are tax-deductible. If your year group is interested in setting up a Class Bursary, please contact Rebecca Curran, Development Manager on (02) 9816 0925 or

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A weekly donation of $10 $ 10
A weekly donation of $15 $ 15
A weekly donation of $20 $ 20
A weekly donation of $25 $ 25
A fortnightly donation of $5 $ 5
A fortnightly donation of $10 $ 10
A fortnightly donation of $15 $ 15
A fortnightly donation of $20 $ 20
A fortnightly donation of $25 $ 25
A monthly donation of $5 $ 5
A monthly donation of $10 $ 10
A monthly donation of $25 $ 25
A monthly donation of $45 $ 45
A yearly donation of $100 $ 100
A yearly donation of $250 $ 250
A yearly donation of $500 $ 500

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